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Contact our acquisitions specialist to learn more about selling your salon. All information shared is confidential.

Selling Your Salon

Reasons to Rely on Regis

Even if you have a successful salon, sooner or later you might consider selling it for one reason or another.  The decision to sell your business can be one of the most important decisions of your life.  Your salon is a living testament to your hard work and success, and the process of turning your operation into cash can be very complex, involving employees, accountants and lawyers.
Bigger is Beautiful
We’re the world’s largest salon owner, operator and franchisor.  No company is more experienced with salon ownership transactions than Regis.  You can depend on us when you sell your business.  In fact, more Regis locations have been acquired through direct purchase than by any other means.  Since January 1994, we've completed 500 successful transactions, acquiring over 9,000 locations.

Financial Freedom
Enjoy peace of mind when you negotiate with a leading corporation and deal directly with people who have the resources and the confidence to know what your business is worth and how to make a deal happen the way it should.  Your time is too valuable to waste on trial balloon offers and layer upon layer of additional questions from buyers who aren’t sure of themselves.
Peace of Mind
We have had a remarkable record of retaining the staff of acquired salons.  New associates enjoy a competitive package of benefits, perks and continual training.  Keeping stylists and managers productive, motivated and fulfilled is part of the philosophy that contributes to our growth and success.
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