Regis Corporation: Women in the Workplace

Across salons, field posts, and corporate offices, Regis Corporation (Regis) and their franchisees are proud that women make up more than 80% of our employee base. Additionally, women hold senior executive roles in the organization, including Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel,. Two women, Ann Rhoades and Virgina Gambale, are members of the Regis Board of Directors; and both have been voted by Women Inc. Magazine as two of the most influential board members across the country in recent editions.

At Regis, we believe that progressive is productive; supporting equality and encouraging opportunity is integral to our culture. Female senior executives participated in the Center for Creative Leadership’s Women’s Executive Development Program to support them in their future career endeavors. Additionally, our company’s marketing department is committed to “Free the Work,” a program that provides female and other underrepresented creators access to creative marketing opportunities in advertising.

These initiatives haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2018 and 2019, St. Catherine University named Regis to the Honor Roll for the Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership. This honor roll is comprised of an elite group of Minnesota companies that have 20 percent or more gender diversity in their executive ranks and board of directors.


Encouraging Flexibility in the Workplace

Believing in and trusting employees to know where and how they work best is fundamental to Regis’ workplace philosophy. This includes offering flexible work options, which range from working at home on occasion to full-time telecommuting. Additionally, in 2020 Regis is offering all employees flexible PTO. Rather than a set amount of time-off days defined by years of service, the flexible PTO is adaptable to each employees’ needs, giving them more control over time away from work.


Families First

Nearly 100 years ago, Regis began as a family business and the belief in family continues today. Regis offers paid parental leave so new parents have time to welcome their newest family members and adapt to the new family dynamics. Primary caregivers are eligible for 16 weeks of leave, eight of which are at full pay and four at half pay. Additionally, non-primary caregivers are eligible for 12 weeks of leave, two of which are at full pay. We continue to strive to provide a welcoming environment for all of our employees, and we are proud to lead the way with some of the Twin Cities’ most progressive companies. At Regis, we know our employees are our success.