Who are Regis Corporation Franchisees?

The people who join our retail franchise family have diverse backgrounds and various reasons for choosing to franchise with us. After careful consideration and exploration, our franchisees have found this industry, this company, these brands work for them.

Why does the beauty industry make so much sense from a business perspective?

The hair care salon business is rarely the first industry people consider when examining franchise concepts. But, when they learn more, our franchisees find this retail industry performs like no other. Ours is an industry that:

  • Is relevant in any community and any economic climate.
  • Is a fundamental service best performed by professionals.
  • Resists technological obsolescence.
  • Is staffed by professionals – employees are educated, licensed and trained.
  • Has low, non-perishable inventory requirements.
  • Cannot be outsourced.
  • Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.
What kind of support does Regis Corp offer their franchisees?

The key to success is not your product, it’s your partner.” —Franchisee from Chester, VA

Most people recognize our salon brands—such as Supercuts, Cost Cutters, and Roosters—before our parent company. But once they know us, few forget. Regis Corporation is the global leader in salon and haircare services.

Since our inception in 1922, we’ve grown to over 60 distinct brands of salons, education centers and specialized hair service centers, serving customers worldwide. No other retail salon services company offers their franchisees knowledge and resources on this scale.

Our franchisees have direct access to the vast accumulated knowledge, resources, and best operating and marketing practices of Regis Corporation. We also have the capability and resources to continuously learn about our industry and consumers and adapt as necessary.

We make available to our franchisees what we have learned and continue to learn. The resources of a global hair care company and our past experience as operators of thousands of salons allow us to offer significant support.