Executive Team
Felipe A. Athayde photo
Felipe A. Athayde
President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors
Jim Lain photo
Jim Lain
President, SmartStyle and Portfolio Brands
Kersten Zupfer photo
Kersten Zupfer
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Doctor photo
Matthew Doctor
Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Amanda Rusin photo
Amanda P. Rusin
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Development Officer
Chad Kapadia photo
Chad Kapadia
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Shawn Thompson photo
Shawn Thompson
President, Supercuts
Board of Directors
Felipe A. Athayde photo
Felipe A. Athayde
President and Chief Executive Officer, Regis Corporation
Virginia Gambale photo
Virginia Gambale
Managing Partner, Azimuth Partners LLC
Michael Mansbach photo
Michael Mansbach
Founder of Granite Stairway Advisors, LLC & co-founder and partner of Apex Perspectives, LLC
Lockie Andrews photo
Lockie Andrews
Head of eCommerce and Digital Operations, Party City
David J. Grissen photo
David J. Grissen
Former Group President, Marriott International, Inc.
Michael J. Merriman photo
Michael J. Merriman
Product Launch Ventures, LLC Consumer Products Consultant
Daniel G. Beltzman photo
Daniel G. Beltzman
General Partner, Birch Run Capital Advisors, LP (Chairman of the Board, Regis Corporation)
Mark Light
Mark S. Light
Executive Chairman, Bedrock Manufacturing
M. Ann Rhoades photo
M. Ann Rhoades
President, People Ink, Inc.
Board Committees

David J. Grissen
Michael J. Merriman (Chair)
M. Ann Rhoades

Nominating and Corporate Governance

Daniel G. Beltzman
David J. Grissen (Chair)
Mark S. Light


Daniel G. Beltzman
Virginia Gambale
Mark S. Light
Michael J. Merriman
M. Ann Rhoades (Chair)


Felipe A. Athayde
Lockie Andrews
Daniel G. Beltzman 
Virginia Gambale (Chair)  / Michael Mansbach (Chair Elect)
David J. Grissen  
Mark S. Light

Insider Trading
Section 16 Filings

Last Filing: 7/9/2020

Policies & Disclosures
Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Nov 3, 2020

Audit Committee Complaint Procedures

October 26, 2020

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Jan. 27, 2020